Commissioning a Portrait

1. Select the size of canvas and type of portrait:

Head & Shoulders

Half Figure Full Figure
16″ x 20″




18″ x 24″




20″ x 24″




24″ x 30″




30″ x 40″





2. Decide on complexity of background on the painting. Included in the prices is a background without objects that I will paint to complement the person’s appearance. However bigger and more complex background is possible but could increase the price by $100 to $300.  

3. Once you have made the decision to commission a portrait from me, I prefer to learn a little bit about you in order to “transfer the beauty of your soul” onto a canvas, so send me please your resume, an essay, or book about you and your work.

4. An agreement specifying number of subjects to be painted, size, clothing/costume, price, background, mood and other details will be prepared. Upon signing, a deposit of 50% is required.

5. One or two sittings are recommended for an original oil painting on canvas. High quality photograph can be used as a source as well (see No. 8 below). The number of sittings depends on the size of the artwork, subject and other details. The first sitting takes approximately two hours. During this sitting I will help you to find the best poses for your portrait, arrange the drapery or other requisites, as for example, a hat, a book, or other symbols describing you, your passions, or your profession.

6. Very often, the photo session accompanies your first sitting and usually helps to find the best poses for your portrait. We review the photos together and make a decision. Upon that, the first color study is made. This sitting is to capture a likeness, record skin tone, hair, and eye colors on a small canvas for correct color reference.

7. If the arrangement of your sitting will last longer then two hours a meeting to review the photos with you will be scheduled at this time.

8. The painting is underway. Your portrait will be worked on daily until completed. You may schedule an appointment to come view the work in progress.

9. Upon completion the painting is reviewed by you. Upon approval, the final 50% is due.

10. In the event that a photo session is not possible, then a subject can submit a number of photos for a review for the artist. The artist can use those pictures if they are useful. In addition, a preliminary sketch can be created for you to review. After approval of the sketch, the final painting can be started.

Allow time for an oil portrait: this work of art can take anywhere from few weeks to months or more depending upon number of subjects to be painted, complexity and size of painting. In the case of a larger, more time-consuming piece, you may schedule a visit to see how the painting is progressing.