Leokadia with a commissioned portraitLeokadia Makarska-Čermák is the artistic name of Leokadia Čermáková. She is an architect and a European artist, who has exhibited her paintings widely in Europe and the United States. Makarska-Čermák is the Executive Director of the Central European Art LC Foundation and a member of the Portrait Society of America.

When residing in the Czech Republic, she first worked as an architect, and then taught architecture of interiors. Throughout that time, she was also a certified expert examiner of furniture and artistic restorations of interiors. While in the United States, Makarska-Čermák has been working since 1998 as the sole curator and in-house artist of the Grand Prospect Hall, a nineteenth century landmark in Brooklyn, where she has been providing artistic restoration of the Victorian interiors, including gilding, painting, sculpturing and antique furniture. She creates her own original artwork and sets up art exhibits. Her experience as an artist, architect, and appraiser has given her detailed and precise sense for decorative art, everlasting symbols, and portraits.

Makarska-Čermák’s list of honors includes presentations of portraits to such public figures as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 1998, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer in 2001, and Founder and Executive Director of the Congress of Italian-Americans Organization, Inc., Mary C. Sansone in 2007. Makarska-Čermák painted commissioned portraits of the former Czech president Václav Havel, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and other notables. She received a full scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture to study abroad. Additionally, she received numerous Art Expo Interior Design and Furniture awards. Moreover, Makarska-Čermák’s work has been featured on TV programs in Poland, namely TVP Wroclaw’s “Fakty”; TV Kłodzka; and “Weekend Z” and also in the New York area, on Polish Polsat News WNYE and Studio 3 Polish-American television. She was invited to talk to Radio ZET in Wroclaw, Poland and also to Polish Radio Rytm in New York as a solo guest of program “Sztukomania”. Clips from some of these programs are posted in the Video Clips section and also on her YouTube channel.

Leokadia Makarska-Čermák (as Leokadia Čermáková) received her Bachelor of Arts with Cum Laude honors from the Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York in the United States, her Master’s Degree from the Thomas G. Masaryk College of the Czech Technical University (CVUT) in Prague, and her Master’s Degree in Architecture of Interiors and Furniture design from Technical University in Zvolen in former Czechoslovakia. In addition, Makarska-Čermák pursued five years of independent studies in drawing, painting, and sculpturing in the Czech Republic, Italy and the United States. While in Italy, 1995-1996, she studied in Bologna under such distinguished Professors as Francesco Brunetti, Demetrio Casile, and Nino Noce.

In October of 2012 after opening her solo exhibit “Zdobywanie i przemijanie” in Kłodzko, she introduced her two new galleries in Poland: LMC-Fine Arts Galeria Sztuki Kłodzko and LMC-Fine Arts Galeria Sztuki Polanica-Zdrój.

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