Story Behind Leokadia’s Landscapes

I travel worldwide in order to paint my landscapes outdoor “en plein air” directly on my large canvases. In search of universal truth, I aim to transform the beauty of nature and rural architecture, first into my heart, and then onto my canvas via my brushes.  I see my art as a work of deep self-reflection and as a means to enhance a viewer’s sense of peace, inner psyche, and connections with other individuals, the Earth, and with universal spirituality. I believe that achieving this inner sense of tranquility and complacency is especially important for individuals living in larger cities, where stress and urgency can often alter the sense of calmness and well-being, even if only for a moment.

I hope that by contemplating my artwork, viewers become immersed in the serenity of my work, to the realm of their dreams, their aspirations, or to their idyllic place where they may rest or meditate. My landscapes strive to heal the eyes, minds and souls of fatigued and distressed hardworking people. In addition, I hope this transference allows my audience to absorb an inner artistic energy and achieve immediate rejuvenation, while simultaneously taking a break and feeding their eternal spirit and soul. I feel that my paintings truly emit universal truth, happiness, balance, peace, and spiritual energy, due to the presence and my own interpretation of spirit and nature.